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Our former Priest-in-Charge, Fr Chris Kinch, left Holy Nativity in August 2016 in order to take up a new post. We are therefore currently in the process of appointing a new parish priest. At present, ordained ministry in the parish is being offered by visiting clergy, including our retired priest Fr Jack House. Ministry is also offered by our Licensed Lay Minister Mr Bob Dyer and our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to the Sick Mr Steven Watts and Mrs Mary Goodfellow.

Our Parish Leadership Team are:

Priest in Charge: Vacant
Church Wardens: Mr Philip Goodfellow and Mr Trevor King
PCC Secretary: Mrs Kathy Gibbs
PCC Treasurer: Mr Gordon Baker

Parish Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Mary Goodfellow
Deanery Synod Representative: Mr Steven Watts

Other Elected PCC Members: Maureen Baker, Bob Bartlett John Chamberlain, Bob Dyer, Nick Gibbs, Wendy King.
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