Funerals at Holy Nativity Church

A funeral is used to mark the end of a person's life here on earth. Family and friends come together to express grief, give thanks for the life lived and commend the person into God's keeping. This can be a small, quiet ceremony or a large occasion. The service may include  music, hymns, prayers, poems, readings and tributes from family and close friends.

Who can have their funeral at Holy Nativity
A funeral at Holy Nativity is available for everyone. The person who died need not be a churchgoer or a member of the Church of England to have this type of Christian funeral service, and neither does the person arranging the funeral.

What to do
Following a loved one’s death the first thing you have to do is contact a funeral director. When you go to see them let them know that you would like the funeral to be held at Holy Nativity. They will then contact us to confirm a date and time. Fr Steve will then contact you to arrange to come and see you and help you plan the service.

Approaching Death
Please don't hesitate to make contact if you feel you'd like to discuss your own funeral arrangements or are in need of an anointing ('Last Rites') for a friend or loved one who is near the point of death.

If you are considering your own arrangements for your Funeral, please make contact with Fr. Steve so that your wishes can be written down and kept safe.

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