New Heating System

First Sunday using the new heating 24th October.

The weather on Sunday was cool, about 11.5 degrees C but the church was maintained at about 20 degrees C by the new heating system. It took a little effort to programme the new controller but it ensured that it was pleasant to attend the service.

The new system was commissioned on Monday the 2nd August.

It is now completed and tested and will be handed over in the next few weeks. Please see the finished photos of the installation - we now need to understand how to drive it!! There are two thermostats in the church and halls which will ensure that the temperature remains constant at a pre-set level. 
The work by UES is of the very highest quality and it is really a very impressive installation.

The new system has 2 x 64kW boilers and a state of the art control system in St Anne's Room.

Latest update is that the electricians  have started wiring the the system to the various controllers and the boilers.  It is envisaged that the system  will start testing next week and then the final commissioning can take place.







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