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Kathy Gibbs - 36 years as Holy Nativity's Director of Music.

Congratulations to Kathy for completing 36 years today as Organist and Choirmaster at Holy Nativity Church, Knowle, Bristol. Sadly with Covid we are all missing the organ. 

Our Church is closed again for public worship.

Our Holy Nativity family,

It with a heavy heart that Fr Steve, Nick and Phil, the churchwardens, have to announce that Holy Nativity Church will be closed for public worship during the latest lockdown. We cannot and must not risk anyone becoming infected with this latest virulent virus and we have, after much discussion, concluded that the risk is too high to allow our parishioners to attend services.

We will continue to live stream services from Fr Steve’s home and we will be reviewing the situation on a weekly basis. We want us all to be together again as a family, worshiping God, but we have to be aware that this is a national emergency which needs our full attention.

Hopefully, if the infection numbers continue to improve, and there is some evidence that this has already started, we can resume services at Holy Nativity soon. Our Facebook page and our website at is a good place for updates.

Thank you all for your forbearance.

Fr Steve Hawkins, Nick Gibbs and Phil Goodfellow.

Christmas Day Mass 25th December - 10:00 am.

The church will open for worship on Christmas morning at 10:00 am We hope to see you all in church for this important service. Kannan Siva will assisting Fr Steve with the readings this morning.

Christmas Carol Service - 20th December - 6pm

The annual Christmas Carol Service was held in church on the 20th December at 6 pm. The Facebook live stream attracted 232 views and that is marvellous. All the comments were positive and it was great to see Fr Steve back to his normal self. Well done to Kathy and the Choir - the singing was wonderful.

Holy Communion (BCP) Sheet available.

This booklet has been produced for people who attend the  Live streamed Wednesday Mass which is in traditional language and uses the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).
Holy Communion BCP Sheet.

Morning and Evening Prayer booklets available.

Two new booklets are available to download to assist in saying Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. They are in PDF format and can be printed out as a guide to saying these important services. They are below:-
Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer

Holy Nativity Churchwardens sworn in on-line today.

Nick Gibbs and Phil Goodfellow were sworn in as Bishop's Officers this afternoon in an on-line ceremony that has never been seen before. Normally we have to attend a church in the Deanery to be sworn in and the Archdeacon gives a formal charge. This year we had to give our affirmation via email and Zoom.
What a year!

Congratulations to New Churchwarden, Nick Gibbs.

At the Parish Meeting, Nick Gibbs was voted in as the new Churchwarden of Holy Nativity. Nick joins a long list of Wardens that have served our church over many years.
Nick writes, "I was Baptised in Holy Nativity church on Sunday 21st September 1958 by Cannon Wynne. I believe I was the second baptism in the 'new church'. My parents had asked whether I might be baptised during the Mass, but Cannon Wynne said there was no provision for this, however he agreed the baptism could immediately follow the 11:00 Mass.
At this time the family lived in a flat above the 'Mission of The Holy Redeemer' at No 147 Bath Road. My maternal Grandmother who lived at 98 Oxford Street was a regular worshipper at Holy Nativity from the 1920s, and naturally my mother followed her example with many years service as Sunday school teacher, education committee member and choir member. So there was always a strong family association with the church. 
As a child I can recall visiting my Grandparents in Bristol in the 60s, travelling up from Swansea by train, and on arrival at Temple Meads looking up from the station to see the green topped tower on the hill. We would often stay with Ken and Betty Cooke in Crowndale Road. (Ken was churchwarden for some years amongst other things and Betty was involved in a lot of church activities) so it was only natural that we would attend Holy Nativity during these visits. It always felt like visiting somewhere special. I also spent some half term holidays with the Cookes, and this would always involve either visits to church, or church related meeting being held in Crowndale Road.
Most family friends, whom my sister and I regarded as Uncles or Aunts, were nearly all contemporaries of my parents at Holy Nativity. One of my Godfathers was Michael Hodge, the other Ken Cuff, whilst my Godmother was Jean Stroud (the wife of Ernie Stroud who went on to be Archdeacon of Chelmsford). Family get togethers were always filled with the latest Holy Nativity stories and gossip. So although as a family we didn't return to live in Bristol until 1976 we never lost contact with the church or its people and clergy. 
One of the great joys whilst living away was attending the Glastonbury Pilgrimage each year, where old friendships were renewed and much fellowship took place amongst the ruins (and the Mitre in Silver Street) where the latest rumours of who, what, where and when were passed across the table!!
After we moved back to Bristol in 1976 my father Keith Gibbs became Church Organist at Holy Nativity, as was usual I joined his choir. When he moved on he was succeeded by Kathy, who has now been organist for 35 years, and so the association continues.
Both my children were baptised in Holy Nativity, as was Amelia, my Granddaughter.
Holy Nativity has always been a special place to me and I hope and pray it will continue to be so."

New Heating System for Holy Nativity

After 60+ years the PCC has agreed to change the out-dated and expensive heating system to a modern gas powered arrangement. The PCC have engaged UES, a local company to do the work and are hoping to start the contract in May 2021. Tim Clarke, the contracts manager with UES said, "This project is a challenge but we are confident that significant savings will result." Churchwardens Trevor King and Phil Goodfellow are acting as project managers for the church. Two high performance boilers will be installed and will be thermostatically controlled as well as remotely configurable via the internet, This will reduce our outgoing on Gas Oil, of over £9,000 per year quite considerably.

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