New Bishop of Lewes in the Diocese of Chichester is our former curate Fr Will Hazlewood.

The new Bishop of Lewes is + Will Hazlewood who was a much respected and loved  curate at Holy Nativity and we all offer congratulations on his consecration to the episcopate. He is seen here with other Bishops of the Society, after the ceremony at Lambeth Palace. 
The Bishop of Richborough acted as the Archbishop’s delegate as chief consecrator, and the Bishops of Ebbsfleet and of Fulham acted as co-consecrators. All three bishops serve on The Society’s Council of Bishops, as will the Bishop of Lewes.
We express our gratitude to the Archbishop of Canterbury for making arrangements for Prebendary Will Hazlewood’s consecration to the episcopate at Lambeth Palace Chapel on 15 July which give full expression to the Five Guiding Principles, as enshrined in the House of Bishops’ Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests.
Congratulations Fr Will!

New Heating System for Holy Nativity

After 60+ years the PCC has agreed to change the out-dated and expensive heating system to a modern gas powered arrangement. The PCC have engaged UES, a local company to do the work and are hoping to start the contract in May 2021. Tim Clarke, the contracts manager with UES said, "This project is a challenge but we are confident that significant savings will result." Churchwardens Trevor King and Phil Goodfellow are acting as project mangers for the church. Two high performance boilers will be installed and will be thermostatically controlled as well as remotely configurable via the internet, This will reduce our outgoing on Gas Oil, of over £9,000 per year quite considerably.

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