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At the PCC Meeting on Monday 15th May it was decided that it would be best to suspend the publication of the Parish Magazine until a new Parish Priest was appointed. The Editor told the meeting that the content was very general and there was little or no local parish news.

Therefore the magazine will be suspended until a new Priest is appointed.

Phil Goodfellow

The Parish Magazine is normally a printed magazine that is distributed around the Parish by members of the congregation but since the "lockdown" we have published it on-line. 
Also see the magazines from the archive that we have and have scanned from 1939, 1943, 1944 and 1968.

Parish Magazine for May 2023

This month's magazine is a little shorter than normal but without Fr Steve and
his prolific writings it's hard to fill 24 pages.

This edition of the Parish Magazine is what we still have from July1939.
There is no mention of the Second World War which started just two months
later on the 3rd September. A very worrying time for everyone I am sure. 

Parish Magazine 1939 here.

The Parish Magazine from 1943 has been scanned and is available to download.
The magazine was only 4 pages as the war paper restrictions were in force.

Parish Magazine 1943 here. 

Here is the Parish Magazine from January 1944 with the advertisements back on the back page.
Again it was printed on recycled paper.

Parish Magazine 1944 here 

This the new format of the magazine from February 1968. This was part printed with a Letterpress printing press and hand typed by the late Betty Stone and duplicated.
Notice the number attending Holy Nativity and the Baptism of Naomi Beeley. 

Parish Magazine February 1968 here


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