The Matthew Tree Project

The Matthew Tree Project

Whilst not a Parish Organisation we are pleased to be able to provide the daily essentials to growing number of people in our City that are unable to afford basic food stuffs. The collection point is at the back of church on the South side and donations of tinned and dried foods (rice, pasta etc.) are always welcome as are basic toiletries. Fresh foods are not really suitable as it's difficult to store.  The Matthew Tree Project is based here in Laurence Hill.
The Project objectives are:-
We strive to empower and support people who have fallen into crisis, for whatever reason,
to rebuild their lives and create a better, healthier, happier future.

Project description:
Since its launch in 2011, The Matthew Tree Project has created the unique ‘Rebuilding Lives’ programme and progressively expanded its service support provision in a well thought through, joined-up and highly effective way. The model has been granted registered trademark status by the Intellectual Property Office recognising its unique profile. ‘Rebuilding Lives’ is first and foremost built on a foundation of selfless compassion and non-judgemental care.

'Rebuilding Lives' is a collaborative multi-agency model, developed with key partners and from valuable feedback and involvement of the beneficiaries supported. It is funded by a 5-year Big Lottery Help Through Crisis (HTC) grant, supplemented by other grants, philanthropist and corporate donations and fund raising activities.

The aim of the ‘Rebuilding Lives’ model is to: ‘Improve the futures of people currently living in, or at risk of, crisis as a result of hardship; focused on building meaningful relationships and supporting people to overcome barriers to access of the services they need’. 

‘Rebuilding Lives’ is set up to intervene early and stop people and families falling through the gaps in service provision. Our immediate concern is to ensure that people forced to make the horrific choices between eating and keeping warm or paying rent, do not go hungry - which has a devastating effect on someone’s mental and physical health. This is where, and how, our intervention begins.

However, underlying the emergency crisis, people have complex and multiple needs which can only be effectively met through understanding of the issues and empowering people to take appropriate actions; and this is achieved by building meaningful relationships, over time, coupled to a joined-up multi-agency collaborative approach.

‘Rebuilding Lives’ is highly effective at addressing the problem of an ever increasing number of people and families who are living with impossibly low unsustainable income levels.

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