Worship at Holy Nativity

Our worship at Holy Nativity is focused on the Mass also known as Holy Communion or the Eucharist. In this service we remember, with thanksgiving, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We give thanks for the giving of Himself to us today under the forms of bread and wine which become for us His body and His blood.

As the bread and wine are offered so we offer ourselves to God, bringing Him our joys and our sorrows, our thanks and our doubts. At Holy Communion we receive Christ Himself, and thus nourished and strengthened, go out into the world to live our lives as Christians in the service of others.

The Mass may be celebrated very simply or more elaborately. In the Parish Mass we make use of all our senses through the use colour, vestments, incense, candles, music, ceremony and symbols. In this way we are helped to raise our hearts and minds to God through beauty and mystery.

At Holy Nativity we seek to respond both to the inner quest and to empower practical Christian living today and we pray to be:

‘Open to God, Open to One Another, Open to the Community’.



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